Welcome to PT. Karya Murni Indocipta
1. PT. Karya Murni Indocipta (KAMI) is the advanced and modern Aluminium Foil and Paper laminating Factory in Indonesia
2. PT. KAMI has operated since 1996 so we are expert in serving cigarette company.
3. Using European, Japanese, and Korean machinery which have capacity 500 ton each month in its production, and supported by professional and qualified workers and management. PT KAMI commits to the best quality in production and service to our customers. Facing globalization era and tight competition, KAMI realize the interest in such systems include ISO quality management certification. We have gained recognition and certificate from SAI Global for ISO 9001:2008.
Best quality and customer satisfaction are our main purpose to cooperate with Your company.
The cigarette industry is growing and competing tightly, require manufacturers to be able to maintain the quality of cigarettes and be able to attract consumers. We present to protect the taste of your products with our aluminium foil and inner frame. In addition to keep the taste, smoking is also seen from the beauty of packaging. So here we produce a wide variety colors of aluminium foil and inner frame that can be adjusted to your cigarette pack.